NFTs Adoption

Each project will be tokenized thanks to NFTs and everyone can be a participant like never before.

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token that represents the deed of ownership and the certificate of authenticity registered on the blockchain of a unique asset of its kind, be it digital or physical; the non-fungible tokens are therefore not mutually interchangeable. On the contrary, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and many other tokens, as well as FIAT coins (USD, EUR, GBP ...) which are fungible, can exist in multiple copies exactly identical and interchangeable, and of which it is therefore not possible to uniquely define the identity of the single token that differentiates it from all others of the same type.

We conceive NFTs in a much broader and more organic way than how they are commonly used; this allows us to provide them with many use cases and to really make the most of them to achieve our Mission; in fact, each of our projects is represented by an NFT collection consisting of a finite number of NFTs with multiple and particular characteristics:

The technological world offers unlimited possibilities of expression and with the right research and development and the new philosophies that we conceive over time, our NFTs continuously acquire new use cases. The limit tends to infinity.

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