Proof of NFT

The Proof of NFT (P.o.NFT) is the protocol designed to allow a meritocratic and heterogeneous distribution of the token in order to prevent its centralization in the hands of a few owners, thus avoiding the manipulation of the market and limiting a massive price fluctuation downward. The protocol rewards the holders of the NFTs of the collections listed on TERRAMATER distributing them NATURA token. The 70% of the max supply is intended for this purpose.

The protocol will distribute through smart contract a daily amount of $ in NATURA tokens equal to one three hundred and sixty-fifth (1/365) of the original cost of the NFT.

Examples: Original cost NFT AAC 130 $ ÷ 365 days = 0.35616438 $ of NATURA / day; Original cost NFT TerraMater 369 $ ÷ 365 days = 1.01095890 $ of NATURA / day; Original cost NFT "EXAMPLE" 1000 $ ÷ 365 days = 2.73972602 $ of NATURA / day.

This process is repeated over time, day after day, and for each NFT of each existing collection, until 70% of the intended supply is exhausted.

Proof of Work (P.o.W.)Proof of NFT (P.o.NFT)

Expensive hardware

NFT ownership

I.T. knowledge, manutention

No knowledge, no manutention

Expensive energy consumption

No energy consumption

No benefits other than the mined crypto

NFT gives lots of benefits other than NATURA

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